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Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii


Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii

Grab your Go Pro (or one of the rentals available) and get ready for an unforgettable underwater adventure with Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii! Get up close and personal with whales, dolphins, manta rays, and even sharks! You will capture amazing footage as you swim alongside these magnificent creatures on one of the many tour options available.

Wildlife Ecoadventure

Adventurers will want to join the Wildlife Ecoadventure tour to see a wide variety of sea creatures. You will explore colorful reefs, where dolphins, sharks, and rays will be at play. Then head into deeper waters to discover rarer species of whales and sharks!

Manta Ray Night Dive & Snorkel Ecoadventure

Sail off into the sunset along the Kona coast and prepare yourself for an amazing nighttime adventure. Snorkel or scuba dive with manta rays measuring an astonishing 16 feet in length and weighing up to 1600 pounds. While you will feel tiny next to these magnificent creatures, they are known as the safest large animals in the world to encounter. Manta rays gather nightly off of Makako Bay to feed on plankton that appears to glow because of the underwater dive lights. Submerged with the nearly 240 manta rays living off the Kona Coast, this is truly an otherworldly experience.

Scuba Diving/Blackwater Diving Ecoadventures

Scuba dive off the Kona Coast during the daytime or at night. Nighttime diving offers the unique chance to be surrounded by the bioluminescent creatures that call the deep ocean home. Being submerged in completely black water surrounded by creatures emitting blue-green lights is an unforgettable experience for the greatest scuba diving adventurers. No experience is required to join the daytime scuba tours, but you will need to meet some specific requirements for the night dives.

Book a Tour

Manta Ray Dives is located in Kailua-Kona at 74-380 Kealakehe Parkway. To book a tour, contact them at (808) 325-1687 or via email at Visit them online today!

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