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Charter Your Own Hawaiian Fishing Adventure!

Rife with an array of sea life, the Kona side of the Big Island, is a popular site for all sorts of fishing, boating, and sightseeing. Its unique geography of enormous mountains creates a calm water environment that is ideal for deep sea sport fishing. However, the majority who set off on a fishing excursion expecting to come back with fantastic catches are often disappointed with a lackluster fishing experience out at sea. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Why Kona Hawaii Fishing with Capt. Jeff Rogers is Your Best Choice for a Fishing Charter

As one of the deep sea fishing capitals of the world, it can be baffling for visitors to discover that their fishing expedition has not turned out as expected. Fortunately, Captain Jeff’s Charters is a renowned deep sea fishing charter service that has earned quite the reputation for its incredible catch rate, which has been the highest in Kona for every year since 1997.

Under the guidance of Captain Jeff Rogers, who uses a variety of fishing techniques and targets a wider range of fish than any other local charters, you and your companions can set off on a hands-on deep sea fishing adventure with record-breaking results. Catch species like billfish, striped and black marlin, spearfish, mahi mahi, ono, six types of tuna, a number of sharks, and other big-game bottom fish.

These charters use a thirty-five foot boat, fishing tackle and rods from Penn and Shimano, and stand-up tackle trips available upon request. Experience the thrill of hands-on deep sea fishing regardless of whether you have experience, helping the captain with equipment and more.

Charters are available for three-fourths days and full days in order to allow for optimal fishing. Half-day charters are not available due to the diminished success rate. Share charters, in which small groups can combine a charter onto an outing, are offered for full days.

Through Captain Jeff’s Charters, you can also keep your fish and have the captain fillet it for you, have it mounted, or tag and release the fish. To find out charter prices, email with your vacation dates or call (808) 895-1852.

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