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Check Out Our Kona Coast Vacations & Our Kona Explorations Team

Would you like to join an elite group of travelers?

Kona Coast Vacations’ Kona Exploration Team is an elite group of travelers that have experienced the Big Island and some of what it offers. We use the term “some of what the Big Island offers” as we are constantly surprised by the exciting tales of discovery.

You most likely experienced the Hawaiian “Aloha Spirit” and we hope you had time to explore the history and culture of the first Hawaiians as well as the many things to do in Kailua Kona. Whether your experience is…

  • on the ocean by boat, canoe, kayak, surfboard, or swimming
  • under the ocean by snorkeling, scuba, submarine or diving
  • traveling on land through one or many of the world’s temperate zones
  • visiting orchards and farms featuring coffee, cocoa, or macadamia nuts
  • playing golf, tennis, zip lines, horseback riding, hiking, running marathons or triathlons
  • visiting a volcano, waterfalls, botanical gardens or exploring the universe on Mauna Kea
  • enjoying beach excursions to one of the many-colored sand beaches
  • sighting sea turtles, dolphins and whales
  • viewing one of many native or introduced species of birds, geckos, or other critters.
  • coming to the “healing island” to relax, taking care of yourself spiritually or just slowing down to the Island’s tempo?