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The Best Big Island Bike Tours

There are many ways to see the world, but a trip to Hawaii isn’t complete until you’ve seen the stunning scenery by bike. Whether you’re new to cycling or looking for a dramatic new landscape to push your professional limits, Big Island Bike Tours has the trip for you. Taking to the island on two wheels offers up a unique perspective and is always a thrilling ride. Big Island Bike Tours knows what it takes to create a bike tour that brings out the best of the islands.

Where It All Began

Big Island Bike Tours was born directly out of a passion for cycling, Hawaiian beauty, and culture. Where these three factors collide, the idea to create an incredible experience for visitors to see the islands in a brand-new way was developed. Big Island Bike Tours is more than just a simple excursion; it’s an appreciation for a way of life and an experience in a landscape unlike any other on the planet.

Get Ready for an Incredible Ride

From the way they view cycling to their dedicated team of professionals who are there to help guide you through a breathtaking cycling experience, you’ll find Big Island Bike Tours to be a one-of-a-kind experience. With a heart for all things Hawaii and a desire to make sure everyone has a chance to fall in love with cycling, they take to two wheels in an effort to keep Hawaii as sustainable of a destination as possible. Inspiration is key when it comes to cycling and the team at Big Island Bike Tours takes a professional approach to every tour, no matter the ability level. They work hard to customize their tours so that every guest has a fulfilling experience and sees incredible sights along the way. Whether you’re interested in a sightseeing road trip or a mountain bike thrill, there’s a tour for you.



Exclusive Access Points of the Big Island with a Bike

While Hawaii welcomes everyone, it can be difficult as an independent cyclist to gain access to the many beautiful, but privately-owned parts of the island. Big Island Bike Tours provides the exciting benefit of being able to reach many of these areas, delivering exclusive access to tour participants. Some of the highlights include Mana Road, Pololu Valley Rim and Waipio Valley just to name a few! For those wanting a more in-depth look at cycling before heading out, Big Island Bike Tours offers clinics, classes, and personalized instruction. To inquire about the many tour options, contact Kona Concierge,

Get Ready for Adventure

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