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Kona Thanks For Helping

Please share in the “Aloha Spirit.” With many back to back reservations, there is a very short time period between guests, and the entire time is required to prepare the vacation home for your arrival. As the guest before you, we ask that you assist us in preparing for the next guest. Please know that we very much appreciate your help in this matter.

  • Please do not make the beds before you leave
  • If you have moved any items or furniture, please return them to their original positions.
  • Please place all used towels in the bath tub or shower stalls
  • To help us reduce pests – please load the dishwasher and start the appliance before you leave
  • Also helping with pest reduction, please carry all your rubbish, bottles and cans to the designated trash containers outside daily.
  • Please check all the closets, drawers and under the beds for any misplaced and lost articles- we find many cameras, chargers, wallets, etc.
  • Please turn off appliances, fans and Air Conditioning (if applicable), shut windows and please lock the doors. Thanks for Helping…Please treat the property as your own, if the property requires excessive cleaning, the cleaning companies may charge additional fees.
    “Mahalo” (Thank you) for assisting us in this matter.

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