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Read Our Guide to Packing for Hawaii & Learn How to Save on New Checked Bag Fees

It’s no secret that vacations can be expensive propositions, costing more and more each year. You plan on spending a good portion of your vacation budget on transportation and vacation rentals, but it is often the extra fees you weren’t expecting that end up undermining your plans to stay thrifty. For example, you may have been excited to find reasonable costs for your luxurious Kona vacation rental through Kona Coast Vacations, but then you discovered that fees for checked baggage on your flight to Hawaii are about to increase, taking a bite out of your budget in spite of all your careful considerations. Fortunately, we don’t just offer a great place to stay during your Hawaii getaway; we’ve also done the research and put together this guide to packing for Hawaii to help you save on the checked bag fees, allowing you to pack less, save more, and still have the adventure of a lifetime!

Keep It Light When Packing for Hawaii

Our perfect weather means you won’t need to pack any heavy clothing like jeans, sweaters, or coats. Shorts, tee shirts, and maybe one light jacket or hoodie for nighttime beach walks will help cut back on the space you use in your suitcases. If you feel the need to bring at least one pair of jeans and some heavy tennis shoes, wear them on the plane to and from the islands. Also, because our Kona Coast Vacations rental homes all contain fully equipped laundry rooms, you and your family can get away with packing less if you’re willing to do a load of laundry or two during your stay.

Leave Your Beach Toys, Equipment, and Accessories at Home

There are rental stores on nearly every corner, so you can rent any snorkel, surf, or SUP equipment you think you may need during your stay. In many of our homes, we offer one beach towel per person, and sunscreen can be purchased on the island—buy smaller bottles and use it all up so you don’t have to lug it home afterward!

Become a Joiner

Airline loyalty programs often provide special discounts for their loyal members, and that includes reductions on checked bag fees! Consider applying for your airline’s credit card as well for even more special deals for your trip to paradise to make packing for Hawaii easier. Read about hiking and camping in Kailua-Kona today!

Choose Kona Coast Vacations

We’re proof that luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. Our properties offer the highest quality furnishings, appliances, and state of the art electronics with million-dollar views that won’t break the bank! Reserve yours today and discover how the right vacation accommodations can turn an ordinary getaway into an extraordinary one.