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Zodiac Tours in Kona

When going on vacation, there are many factors to consider. Some people want to experience a new place, while some want to experience a new adventure. Depending on what your vacation goals are, there are plenty of places to see or adventures to be had, it is up to the traveling team, meaning you and your family make the decision.

After reading this article, you more than likely will have a better idea on what Captian Zodiac is, and why you should circle it as your next vacation destination.

If you enjoy a fast and exciting ocean rafting ride, this is your chance. Some of the most breathtaking sights can be seen from Captain Zodiac.

Founded in 1974, Captain Zodiac has over four decades of experience. Their goal is to make sure to fill your memories with everything they offer.

Beat the Crowd Snorkel Adventure

Available Monday, Tuesday and Friday, you get to snorkel without the hassle of a large crowd at Kealakekua Bay marine preserve. The tour provides you with an intimate less crowded snorkeling experience. Either if it’s your first time, or you are trying it again, this tour fits everybody and has everything you need. The only thing you need is a swimsuit, and sun protection based on your sun sensitivity level.

Classic Morning Snorkel Adventure

Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, Captain Zodiac offers the tour that made them famous. Zoom down the coast to Kealakekua Bay marine preserve for the best snorkeling on the island. See pods of dolphins and marine mammals along the way. Explore the coastline’s sea caves, archways, and blowholes.

Swim with Dolphins

Available Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, imagine your first sight of a beautiful lovely Hawaiian dolphin is right next to you in the water. Just like you see on TV, you get suited up and simply jump overboard. You get taught the proper protocol before and you get to swim and tread water in the dolphin pod, they soon approach you gently and quietly, if they like you that is. Besides the awesome attraction of the dolphins, the tour also includes soft drinks, snacks and the equipment needed!

Watch the Whales (January through March)

Available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, The Humpback Whale can be the next lovely sea creature to cross off your bucket list. Your Tour guide will explain their behavior and allow you to get close to them as possible. Sing along with the whales as the tour provides hydrophones on board to listen to the whale songs. Bring your whole family as the tour holds 16 passengers.

Depending on what you are looking to do on your next vacation, there are plenty of options and adventures to explore. After reading what The Captain Zodiac Tours have, you now have a better reason to set sail to that destination next!

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