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Plan an Adventures Seekers Journey to Kona

From active volcanoes to untouched rainforests and secluded beaches, Hawaii’s Big Island is an adventure seeker’s paradise. With so many Kona Hawaii adventures on offer, the only problem will be fitting them all into your stay.

Explore the Lush Waipi’o Valley

The beautiful Waipi’o Valley is one of the most secluded places on the Big Island. A 6.5-mile round-trip trail will take you from the Waipi’o Valley Lookout down into the valley, ending at a stunning black sand beach. At the east end of the beach, you may be able to spot Kaluahine Falls if there has been significant recent rain. This waterfall is known for its beauty as it drops from the lava rock cliffs directly into the ocean below. To join a tour from Kona to the Waipi’o Valley, check out Kapohokine Adventures.

Have a Kona Hawaii Adventure Aboard a Helicopter

Get an aerial view of this majestic island aboard a helicopter, soaring over mountain peaks, oceanside cliffs, and volcanic action. Streams and lakes of glowing lava and lava rivers emptying into the ocean are just a few of the possibilities that you might see from your vantage point in the helicopter. With hundreds of waterfalls visible and 2,000-foot valley walls, you will experience the Big Island in a way that is only possible from above. Several tour companies offer helicopter tours out of Kona, including Paradise Helicopters.

Zipline through the Tropical Rainforest

Reach speeds up to 45 miles per hour as you zipline through the tropical rainforest canopy. A zipline experience with Kohala Zipline will allow you to soar through a private nature reserve and cross sky bridges teetering over the forest floor. Cool off with a refreshing swim under a private waterfall.

Stand Cliffside on the Country’s Southernmost Point

A 1.5-hour drive from Kona takes you to South Point, the country’s southernmost point. The land ends abruptly by dropping forty feet into the ocean. When the ocean conditions are right, you will find locals jumping from the edge of the cliff into the blue waters below and climbing back up along the ladders connected to old boat hoists.

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