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Visit the 808 Grindz Cafe

Home of the “$8.08 All Day Menu,” the 808 Grindz Café is a lot more than just delicious and economical breakfast foods. This classic local-style greasy spoon diner cranks an entire menu of the island classic loco mocos, a second menu devoted entirely to Eggs Benedict, and an incredible selection of local favorites for ali`i (royalty) and kama`aina (local) alike. Recharge your batteries between island sightseeing and outdoor activities and stop by 808 Grindz Cafe for delicious food.

Griddle Me This

If you’re looking for places to eat in Kailua Kona, make sure to stop by 808 Grindz Cafe. This cozy café serves breakfast all day from 7am to 2pm, and with heaping portions, delicious food, and fantastic prices, don’t be surprised if you visit multiple times to fully sample their extensive menu.

From the local favorites on the “808” menu like  (the Mowie Wowie, the Seafood, the Kanak Attack, and more), French toast, and steak and eggs to the specialty 808 S’mores and Red Velvet pancakes, the whole family will fall in love with the delicious food here. Pancakes and waffles come in all the traditional varieties as well as in flavors like macadamia nut, chocolate chip, blueberry, or banana. But the real magic begins when you peruse the Grindz elaborate menus for classic breakfast foods from around the world.

Home of the Loco Moco

If you haven’t yet experienced a Loco Moco, it is a delicious (and hearty) island mainstay featuring white rice topped with a grilled hamburger patty, a fried egg, and decadent gravy. 808 Grindz offers no less than eight different variations, all just $7.75. So get classic or go wild with a Short Rib Moco, a Shredded Pork Moco, or a Link Sausage Moco. Plus you can add a delicious side or substitute fried rice for just $2 more!

How Do You Take Your Eggs?

When it comes to Eggs Benedict, 808 Grindz is a fan. Like their Loco Moco menu, they offer eight different varieties! While the traditional is always a hit, you can also opt for your eggs on top of succulent crab cakes, crab hash, salmon with spinach Florentine, pork hash, or corned beef hash. The choices are almost too much, so, fortunately, you can also opt for the Bene trio and enjoy the Crab Latke, Kailua Pork Hash, and Salmon Florentine “bennies” on one plate, all smothered in delicious hollandaise sauce.

Located in the Kopiko Plaza just off Kuakini Highway, 808 Grindz is conveniently located to be the perfect start to your day exploring the Kona side. Fortunately, no matter your schedule, you can get their delicious breakfast anytime near our Kailua-Kona rentals; your only problem will be making a selection from their detailed and delicious menu!