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Dine at the Basik Cafe

Looking for a great healthy way to start your day? Maybe you just want to take advantage of the bountiful fresh fruits the local farms have to offer in the tropical paradise of Hawai’i. Or, maybe you just want to get back to basics and revitalize your body and spirit with a refreshing snack after a day full of activities. Basik Café, offering a delicious menu of açai bowls and fruit smoothies in a cozy setting overlooking Kailua Bay, has everything you need to rejuvenate.

Packing a Punch

Basik Cafe is one of the best Kailua Kona restaurants. With playful names and colorful creations, these açai bowls are one of our favorite ways to start the day. Base blends of the super berry are heaped into your preferred bowl and mixed with hemp or nut milk, honey, or fresh fruit juice and then topped with fresh ingredients like blueberries, goji berries, granola, pineapple, and much much more. These bowls pop with exotic flavors and pack a delicious crunch and are sure to be a hit with the entire family.

Enjoy the fiery colors of the Kilauea Bowl with açai and mango juice topped with granola, strawberries, bee pollen, honey, and papaya; try a taste of Hawai’i with the Islander and its bananas, strawberries, and cocoa shavings; or refuel after a day on the waves with the Waterman and its delightful medley of açai, maca powder, hemp milk, pineapple, blueberries, and cocoa. There are many delicious bowls to choose from and all feature fresh local ingredients.

Smoothie Sailing

If you are looking for something lighter, Basik Cafe also features a selection of fresh-squeezed juice smoothies, from the rejuvenating Kona (with açai, bananas, strawberries, spirulina, lime, and ginger) to the decadent how-is-this-healthy-yet-somehow-it-is Mayan smoothie (featuring a rich blend of açai, banana, almond butter, cacao nibs, and hemp milk).

Of course, you could always go with the traditional Acai Smoothie and its delicious mix of strawberries, bananas, mango, and papaya – an island classic. Whichever flavor you choose, find a new favorite and share and compare with a friend while you enjoy a scenic view of the water from the cozy outdoor seating area. The café is located along the main drag in Kona making it the perfect stop for a mid-morning healthy breakfast or a quick afternoon treat after a sunny beach day.

Happily serving Kailua-Kona since 2010, Basik Café is dedicated to delivering delicious dairy-free, plant-based goodies that showcase the culture and flavors of Hawai’i. For more details on the best Kailua Kona restaurants or the best vacation rentals, contact us today!