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Enjoy Some Asian Food & Visit the Chef TK’s Noodle House

Quick, how many types of noodles can you name? At Chef TK’s Noodle House in Kona, he serves up over 10 different kinds of noodles, all fresh and handmade daily in his Asian Fusion kitchen. The menu reflects all the colors of the rainbow as silky green spinach fettuccine noodles mingle with fiery red sundried tomato fettuccine while egg noodles, ramen noodles, wonton noodles, and rice noodles swim in decadent broths and sumptuous sauces. For an exotic tour of the flavors of Asia with the influences of the Pacific Rim and Hawai’i, TK’s Noodle House is a must.

Noodle Mania

Chef TK offers the best food in Kona and prides himself on showcasing the delicious flavors of Asia, and none of his dishes disappoint. Noodle sautés combine the flavors of Singapore, Korea, China, and Japan with your favorite noodles and protein and are as delicious as they are decadent. Choose from classics like Pad Thai with flavors of peanut and tamarind, or try a Kimchi Udon sauté with a vegetable medley and spicy pickled cabbage. A wide range of noodle soups is also available, from Saimin to Pho to a medley of Udons with their thick, delicious noodles and umami-laden flavors. Diners can select their own spiciness level to customize their dish to their liking.

Not Just Noodles

Sure, a place called the Noodle House better not disappoint on that front. But Chef TK is happy to point out that many of the local favorites come from the other pages of his menu. Kona diners swear by the Lilikoi Chicken, tempura fried and served with rice and a sweet lilikoi reduction. Curries, fried rice, and local staples like Poke (fresh, raw fish marinated in soy sauce) are sure to please, and the selection of appetizers (Pupus, in Hawai’i) is a great way to kick start your tour of Asia’s flavors. Try the spicy edamame if you like to play with your food, or enjoy the sweet and spicy kick of Shrimp Dynamite served with spicy aioli, wasabi aioli, and sweet unagi sauce.

Open from 11am to 9pm daily, TK’s Noodle House features unbeatable lunch specials on some of their best dishes before 3pm. Located on Hanama Place between Kuakini Highway and Ali`i Drive in Kona, the whole family will enjoy this culinary experience. So start brainstorming the different noodles you can name, and then come see what TK has to offer you! For more details on the best restaurants in Kona or info on our vacation rentals, reach out to us anytime!