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Experience the Famous Quinn’s Almost by the Sea in Kona

While it might only be “close” to having an ocean view, Quinn’s Almost by the Sea does not miss when it comes to having an amazing selection of seafood and American bar and grill classics, all in a casual, laidback setting with prices that hit the spot.

Friends Let Friends Eat Fresh Fish

Located in the heart of Kona on Palani Road, Quinn’s is a family-friendly cross between an old-timey seafood restaurant and a classic American beach bar. Serving up fresh fish daily (locally caught favorites like ono, ahi, swordfish, and more) plus a good selection of local craft beers, their friendly staff, and amazing prices will make you forget about such seemingly trivial things as ocean-side dining. When you bite into their golden, crispy, perfectly battered and oh so tasty fish and chips, you’ll wonder why you ate anywhere else.

Good Eats

Whether you come for a football game (Quinn’s is a Green Bay Packers fan bar during the football season), live music, or a casual lunch, Quinn’s has you covered. Folks rave about their epic burgers which are charbroiled and served in a number of styles including Jalapeno, Kona bleu, or Hawaiian Teriyaki (complete with a grilled pineapple ring), but they also have a wide selection of delicious sandwiches, from seafood to steak tips.

We love their pupus and swear by the sampler which offers up chicken wings in your choice of sauce plus kalbi short ribs, calamari, and an eggroll. Without question, Quinn’s Almost by the Sea bread and batter is their fish and chips plate, featuring perfectly battered and fried strips of ono, ahi, or mahi-mahi (depending on the day’s catch – this stuff is fresh!). We also swear by their out of this world Cajun fish tacos, but everything on the menu is packed with flavor and local flare, making for simple, delicious no-frills-good-eats.

Quinn’s isn’t among the fanciest Kona Hawaii restaurants, but they don’t try to be. If you and the family want the best local food, freshest fish, and the biggest bang for your dinner dollar, look no further than this cozy kitsch café, complete with Hawaiian murals and prize sportfish mounted on the walls. Enjoy the air conditioning, sip a dangerously delicious Chi Chi cocktail, and watch the surf competition on TV if you need an ocean view; you are guaranteed to leave happy.

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