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Start the Day With the Rooster Farms Coffee in Kona

Waking up and diving into your first cup of coffee is how most people look forward to starting their mornings. There are many reasons why people enjoy coffee. Some like it hot, while others enjoy it cold, it all depends on preference. After learning more about Rooster Farms, you may only want to get your coffee from only this place, every morning going forward when vacationing with Kona Coast!

A coffee “farmhouse” in every sense of the term, we call it “seed to cup” we plant and grow the seeds and harvests all the way to brewing your next cup! Rooster Farms takes pride in being 100% organic. Organic farming is not a new skill by any means however certified organic farmers get more money for their efforts, so your coffee tastes better and is healthier and the producers are compensated properly, everybody wins.

If you were to research some of the reviews lefts by customers and frequent coffee drinkers, you would find a lot of positive vibes and feedback. Also, tourists and people that visit the farm often have things to say about the delicious coffee.

A 30+ year customer had this to say when leaving a review: “you have the best coffee” simple enough, however, you get the point, this place is serious about its coffee.

After taking over the farm for the only year, Rooster Farms placed 3rd in the Kona Coffee Cultural Festivals Cupping Contest in 2016. They attribute that to their farmer Ed who has applied his environmental engineer brain and farming techniques.

There are plenty of options to order a product online, however just like most things, trying a sip of Kona coffee directly after the delicious smells make their way into your nostrils.  We suggest searching their website to see some of the products available for sale.

Browsing through their history you learn some more insight on their transitions and growth into the industry. Their name and tradition has been dated back since 1828.  The combination of Arabica coffee with Kona’s unique yet calm climate rich with its volcanic soil.

For other information or ideas on what cup of coffee will be your first or next from Rooster Farms, we highly suggest browsing their website as well as searching customer reviews as you will find there seems to only be positive things mentioned about Kona Coffee at Rooster Farms! Book your stay with us today and begin exploring Hawaii!