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Try the Ultimate Burger in the Kailua Kona Area

You only get out of something that you put into it. That adage has never been truer than when it comes to the no-frills, no-filler, never-frozen burgers at Ultimate Burger in the Kailua Kona. The only things put into these delicious burgers are local, fresh, and organic ingredients including grass-fed beef raised right here on the Big Island. The result is amazing.

The Concept

Chef Makani’s vision is a simple menu where the natural flavors do the talking, and he does not disappoint. Every burger, every French fry is made fresh here, daily, with attention to detail and a focus on natural, sustainable, and local ingredients. From their prime local beef to the locally harvested potatoes that are fresh cut every morning and prepared in the original French style (normally only seen at higher-end restaurants), the food here will have you coming back for more. As he puts it, by focusing on using truly better ingredients he can create “the Ultimate Burgers and Ultimate Fries day in and day out.” And, even though everything is made to order, they pride themselves on being such masters of the grill that most orders are done in 8 minutes or less!

The Menu

The menu at Ultimate Burger isn’t complicated, but the wondrous cascade of emotions spawned by these culinary masterpieces will have you reliving your meal for your years to come. Burgers range from a single hamburger up to a 4-patty “TKO Burger.” All come topped with fresh local tomatoes, hand-torn local lettuce, razor-thin slices of homegrown onion, delicious Ultimate sauce, and your choice of cheese on a freshly baked brioche bun.

If you insist on sprucing up your burger, they are happy to accommodate with bacon, sautéed mushrooms, Hawaiian avocado slices, grilled local pineapple, or even pickled jalapenos. The decadent French fries are fried in healthy soybean oil and come dusted with Kosher salt, thyme, and parsley, plus a velvety delicious homemade aioli dipping sauce. Additional offerings for non-burger enthusiasts include the fish of the day, fresh caught and prepared as a delicious sandwich with all the fixings, as well as kids’ sliders and a vegetarian mushroom melt. The paniolo chili – which can be added to burgers, fries, or eaten separately – is also a local favorite.

This cozy eatery is a must for any burger fan, or anyone looking for a delicious lunch at a great price with all-natural ingredients. Located in the Kona Commons Shopping Center, the Ultimate Burger will make a believer out of you in no time. Open daily from 10:30am to 9pm, they have plenty of parking and are conveniently located near the attractions and beaches of Kona.

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