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Enjoy these Top 5 Big Island Events in Kona

There’s always something going on in Kona. From cultural festivals and concerts to food festivals and international sporting competitions, you can find some kind of event going on almost any time of year. Other annual Big Island events take place here as well, such as the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival in Hilo and the exciting 4th of July Rodeo at Parker Ranch. Here’s the list of the top five annual events in Kona from the Big Island calendar of events.

Ironman World Championship Triathlon

The world-famous Ironman World Championship Triathlon has been held annually in Hawai‘i since 1978, and on the Big Island since 1982. Each October, athletes from around the globe converge on Kona to participate in the world’s most grueling triathlon, which consists of a 2.4-mile swim in Kailua Bay, 112 miles by bike to Hāwī and back through scorching lava desert, and a 26-mile marathon run.

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

The Big Island is famous for its Kona coffee, and coffee aficionados will love the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival. Taking place every November, this 10-day Big Island event celebrates the unique culture behind Kona coffee and features a parade, coffee farm tours, coffee, and food tastings, cupping competition, and more. Festival events are held at several different venues in the South Kona.

Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament

Dubbed “The Grandfather of All-Big Game Fishing Tournaments,” the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament draws anglers from around the world to compete for a chance at capturing world record size billfish. During this prestigious five-day Big Island Hawai‘i event, spectators gather at historic Kailua Bay each morning and can anticipate exciting scoreboard action as teams weigh in their impressive catches.

Chef Fest

Each year in October, celebrity chefs and top mixologists converge upon the Four Seasons Hualālai Resort for a four-day culinary celebration. This amazing food and wine event features one-of-a-kind dinners, mixology events, cooking classes and after-parties with notable celebrity chefs such as Edward Lee, host of Mind of a Chef, Michelin star recipient Andy Ricker, and Iron Chef winners Neal Fraser and Gabrielle Hamilton, just to name a few.

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival

Featuring fifteen of Hawai‘i’s slack key guitar masters, the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival is an annual day-long tribute to legendary slack key artist Gabby Pahinui. Free to the public on all four major islands, the festival comes to Kona each September. Bring your cooler and beach chair, spend the day listening to great slack key guitar music and get into the Hawaiian vibe!

Want More Info?

Kona hosts a wealth of smaller events, a number of which are held weekly. If you would like to learn more about what’s going to be going on in Kona during your stay or any of the events listed above, contact us today at Kona Coast Vacations.