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Start Your Adventure with these Top 5 Coffee Shops in Kona

The Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawai‘i is world-renowned for its special variety of coffee, one of the rarest in the world (it comprises only 1% of the global crop). The sunny mornings, mild climate, and mineral-rich volcanic soil all combine to make ideal growing conditions for this smooth, aromatic, and flavorful beans. A visit to the coffee farms on the slopes of the Kona Coast volcanoes is always worthwhile, but if you prefer to meet your coffee beans in the café, don’t miss these excellent coffee shops in Kona town proper.

Best Kona Coffee: Kaya’s

With a friendly, hippy-vibe and relaxed atmosphere, this café is famous for its smooth and refreshing iced coffee. Loaded with coffee ice cubes, their brew is organic and poured to perfection. Like all Kona coffee is not acidic, never bitter, and always hits the spot. Grab one of their wide range of organic, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly snack options and see why this is the spot locals recommend for seriously good coffee.

Daylight Mind Coffee Company

With two locations – one featuring a scenic ocean view in Kona, the other a charming boutique café in Waikaloa – this coffee shop, run by an actual “Coffee Doctor, Ph.D.,” is clinical in its approach to delicious drip coffees, hand-crafted espressos, and refreshing iced beverages. While an iced coffee to go might be perfect for a day of exploring, taking the time to talk coffee story with the knowledgeable staff while getting a pour-over of fresh Kona coffee at your table is one of our favorite coffee experiences.

Kona Mountain Coffee

This modern Kona coffee shop takes a unique approach to their beans: they let the grind sit in a special tower behind the baristas bar for 24 hours before serving it up to their loyal coffee connoisseurs. The beans are 100% local, handpicked from their own 90-acre farm and roasted in-house. We promise the results are magical, and their cold brew will make a believer out of anyone who insists coffee was meant to be served hot.

Kope Lani Coffee and Ice Cream

Located in historic downtown Kona, this local confectioner (kope is the Hawaiian word for coffee) serves up not only local coffee brews but homemade Hawaiian ice creams as well. Try one of their Kona coffee beverages and pair it with one of their 26 authentic Hawaiian flavors like coconut, taro, and of course, coffee. Purchase coffee by the pound to take home with you as a delicious souvenir, and make sure you take an extra coffee to go.

Coffee Shack

Located just south of Kona in Captain Cook, this slightly decrepit-looking shack is a popular spot for the fresh local coffee and delicious breakfasts like Eggs Benedict, Loco Mocos, and more. The coffee is the main draw of course, though the stunning ocean views and complimentary island breezes are the perfect accessories to a steaming hot drip coffee, refreshing iced cold brew, or one of their handmade coffee specialty beverages.