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Dine at these Top 5 Local Kona HI Restaurants

Some of the best food in Kona doesn’t cost a week’s paycheck and isn’t served on fine china with linen napkins. Hawai‘i is all about food – good food – and when locals want to eat, they know which places serve the most ono grindz (that’s Hawaiian Pidgin for “delicious food”). There’s a lot of secret local hole-in-the-wall places in Kona, so to narrow it down for you, we’ve chosen five of Kona’s best restaurants only found here.

Island Roots

(808) 938-1748

Yes, it’s a lunch truck, and they have some of the best and most unique food ever. Think Hawaiian meets Mexican and then some Cubano and Korean chefs got hold of the recipes. Featuring mouthwatering fare such as chili garlic butter shrimp, Hawbano sandwiches, kimchee coleslaw, freshly caught local fish tacos, and fresh fish salad, Island Roots is, as we say here in Hawai‘i, da bomb! They’re usually parked just outside of Kailua Park, but you’ll want to give a call first to make sure they’re not parked elsewhere.

Island Ono Loa Grill

75-5799 Ali’i Drive

(808) 339-3037

Island Ono Loa Grill lives up to their name, which means “Really Delicious!” in Hawaiian. Tucked behind Lava Java on Ali’i Drive, these guys have the best burgers in town and their pulled pork sandwich is off the charts. Using the freshest of ingredients and making everything to order, Island Ono Loa Grill offers great food at a great price. Be sure to try their onion rings!

Broke Da Mouth Grindz

74-5565 Luhia Street

(808) 327-1113

For some most authentic Filipino and Hawaiian food on the island, be sure to stop at Broke Da Mouth Grindz. Serving incredibly delicious island-style food, this little place is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. You may have to stand in line since the place packs out with locals, but menu offerings such as garlic shrimp, adobo fries, and furikake chicken make it worth the wait. Just a note: Broke Da Mouth Grindz is closed on Sundays.

Shimaichi Sushi

75-5742 Kuakini Highway

(808) 747-0152

For awesome sushi at a ridiculously low price, Shimaichi Sushi is where you want to go. Don’t let the out of the way strip mall location deter you. Serving traditional sushi and also some very creative sushi variations with Hawaiian and Thai flairs, Shimaichi Sushi is Kona’s go-to sushi place for those in the know.

Discover the Top Restaurants in Kona

Locals always know best, and in this case, they know Kona’s best restaurants! If nothing here sounds like what you’re looking for, don’t worry; there are plenty more Kona HI restaurants for you to try. Explore the Kona restaurant scene for yourself when you stay with Kona Coast Vacations!