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Kona Big Island Kayak Tour  

Warning: Before embarking on any outdoor activity, make sure to check with lifeguards for current conditions!

Kona is bar-none one of the best places in the Hawaiian Islands to go ocean kayaking. With calm, amazingly clear waters and the backdrop of the Big Island’s 14,000-foot mountains, kayaking amidst the natural beauty of the Kona coast is something that most visitors say is the best part of their vacation. Kayaking is easy and safe, even for beginners and non-swimmers. Like the Hawaiians of old who traversed the waters of Kona in their wa‘a (canoes), you can get a feeling of going back in time as you paddle along the historic Kona Coast.

Kona Kayaking Spots

Many Kona visitors prefer to rent kayaks and strike out on their own. Keauhou Bay has some of the most stellar kayaking to be found anywhere. The crystal-clear waters and shallow reefs allow viewing of abundant marine life right from your kayak. Famous for its sea caves, underwater lava tubes, and beautiful rugged coastline, Keauhou Bay offers the most natural diversity of any kayaking spot in Kona. It’s also the most convenient place to kayak in Kona, as other kayaking spots on the Kona coast require loading your kayak onto a roof rack and hauling it (or them) to more remote locations. Almost all Kona kayak companies offer rentals, and Kona Boys has a kayak rental concession on the beach fronting the King Kamehameha Beach Hotel.

Kona Kayak Tour Companies

Kona offers several highly experienced Big Island kayak tour companies, each with their own unique tours and flairs – here are our top choices. Family-owned Ocean Safaris is our number one pick. Owners Micah, Lindsay, and Mike Dennis have been sharing Kona’s secrets with small groups of visitors since 1994 and each tour is different, so you never know what kind of wonders you might see. Iko Balanga of Anelakai Adventures is a wonderful local boy who has spent his life in Kona’s waters. Iko offers customized Kona kayak tours for small groups, heaps of welcoming aloha, and will share his knowledge of Hawaiian legend and lore with you during your tour. King Kayak Hawai‘i has an excellent 2-hour Kona kayak tour as well as a Dolphin Watch and Sea Cave trip.

Your Kayaking Adventure Awaits You

If paddling Kona’s pristine waters and spectacular coastline is high on your vacation to-do list, contact our vacation experts at Kona Coast Vacations today to book your rental and get ready for the experience of a lifetime! Check out our Waikoloa Village rental options, Browse our incredible Kona rentals with lake views, or give us a call to learn more about all the various rentals we have available!

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