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Kona Paddle Board Sports

Warning: Before embarking on any outdoor activity, make sure to check with lifeguards for current conditions!

The world has discovered an ancient Hawaiian sport that has caught on like wildfire because it’s so fun and easy. Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding, known in the Hawaiian language as hoe he‘e nalu (paddle surfing), is a cross between surfing and paddling and was the original form of Hawaiian surfing. Even if you’ve never stood up on a board before, it won’t take long to get the hang of it. One of the best places in the world to paddleboard is right here in Kona, where sunshine and warm, crystal clear waters await you and your SUP.

Kona Paddle Board Spots

Paddle board in Hawaii spots are the best on the Big Island, and the best time to get out on the water is in the morning. Keauhou Bay offers some of the best paddleboards in Hawaii, and during the winter months, you might even see majestic humpback whales playing in the open ocean beyond. Kahalu‘u Beach Park on Ali‘i Drive is wonderfully sheltered and has an abundance of marine life that is visible in the amazingly clear water. At Kailua Bay, you can get a taste of old Hawai‘i as you paddle around Ahu‘ena Heiau, the temple of King Kamehameha the Great.


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Kona Paddle Board Rentals

If you are looking for SUP Rentals and more, Kona Boys and HYPR are precisely the companies for you! Founded along the shores of Kealakekua Bay in 1996, Kona Boys has managed to flourish with their amazing community in this breath-taking island environment. With the goal of preserving the amazing landscape of the big island and being aware of their role as a small business, Kona Boys knows everything there is to know about the island. Any type of gear you need to have a great time can be found with the Kona Boys.

Hawaii Performance (HI-Per) or HYPR has a unique combination of art & science when it comes to their high-performance ocean necessities. With products ranging from surfboards to composite carbon fiber outrigger canoes, HYPR has done all the experimentation to help you rejuvenate your connection with the ocean.

Escape the Ordinary

Leave all your cares behind – and back on the land where they belong. Kona paddle board is the perfect escape from the ordinary, and exploring the Kona Coast on a paddleboard is an experience that can’t be beaten. To get ready up for an amazing Kona paddle board adventure, contact our vacation specialists today at Kona Coast Vacations

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