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Kona Lū‘au 

Warning: Before embarking on any outdoor activity, make sure to check with lifeguards for current conditions!

Hawai‘i has a rich, deep cultural history steeped in colorful legend and lore. The Big Island is the first place that ancient Polynesian voyagers landed when they discovered the Hawaiian Islands, and therefore has the oldest mythos and traditions of any in the Hawaiian chain. ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i, the Hawaiian language, is still alive and well on the Big Island, with more and more native speakers and cultural practitioners joining the population since the advent of Hawaiian immersion schools in 1995. Today, visitors can experience Hawai‘i’s ancient cultural heritage, dancing, and traditional foods a Kona lūʻau, a traditional Hawaiian feast that features hula dancing, storytelling, and mountains of delicious food.

About Hawaiian Lūʻau

The literal definition of the word “lūʻau” refers to young kalo (taro; Colocasia esculenta) tops; however, has evolved to generally mean a traditional Hawaiian feast. Lūʻau celebrate of all facets of Polynesian culture, encompassing moʻolelo (stories), hula (dance), mele (songs), and oli (chant). As island culture evolved into a multi-cultural blend with the introduction of sugarcane plantations, island food likewise evolved. At today’s lūʻau feasts you can indulge in delectable fare such as fresh caught fish, kalua pork, chicken adobo, teriyaki beef, lomi (massaged) salmon with green onion and tomato, haupia (coconut pudding) and the plantation days’ adoptions of rice and noodle dishes.

Choosing a Lūʻau in Kona

Check out Voyagers of the Pacific Lūʻau at the Royal Kona Resort for the best lūʻau in Kona. Overlooking beautiful Kailua Bay, the Kona’s best dancers and storytellers convey the history of Hawai‘i and the South Pacific through dance and chant, finalizing with Polynesia’s most dangerous dance, Siva Afi, the Samoan fire dance. Before the feast, witness the ‘imu ceremony, the unearthing of a roasted pig from a traditional in-ground oven. Island Breeze Lūʻau at King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel also offers all the sumptuous fare and lavish entertainment of a traditional Kona lūʻau. This lūʻau in Kona Voted “Best of West Hawai‘i” since 2000, their powerful show features the arrival of the Royal Court aboard a traditional wa‘a (outrigger canoe) and encompasses traditions of Hawai‘i, Samoa, Tahiti, and Aotearoa.

Come Experience Aloha

Make your Kona vacation complete with an unforgettable evening of Hawaiian food, culture, and genuine aloha. Being that the number of reservations for the  lūʻau  in Kona are limited, we advise booking your seats well in advance. For lūʻau reservations or to reserve your stay in Kona, contact our vacation specialists today at Kona Coast Vacations.

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