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Kona Spas & Wellness 

Kona provides the epitome of relaxation and luxurious tropical ambiance, so if pampering and rejuvenating are on your vacation must-do list, Kona spas have just what you’re looking for. Many spa treatments take place in a private beachside hale lomi (massage house), especially the Hawaiian tradition of lomi lomi pōhaku (hot rock massage). Hawaiians throughout the ages maintain that salt air has powerful healing properties, and sitting on the beach or getting in the ocean can cure much of what ails a person. Wellness and natural healing is a way of life here, so all spas in Kona Hawaii are located either beachside or oceanfront, as Hawaiian healing tradition mandates. There are a number of excellent spas in Kona, so we’ve chosen the cream of the crop for you to visit while staying with Kona Coast!

 Choosing a Kona Spa Day

For a full day of unparalleled pampering, The Spa at Kona Beach Hotel is for you. The Spa focuses on individual healing and provides yoga, chiropractic, and acupuncture, along with every spa service imaginable. The five-star Ho‘ola Spa at the Sheraton Kona Resort is one of the most luxurious, unique spas on the island, and has a well-deserved reputation as Kona’s top luxury spa. Ho‘ola Spa and offer an impressive array of services and is located in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful spots on the Kona Coast. An Ala Hawai‘i Oceanfront Massage and Spa’s highly skilled and knowledgeable staff offer a full range of luxurious treatment packages, from facials and body wraps to massage and exfoliation. ‘Ohana Bali Spa also offers a full range of spa services, including lomi lomi pōhaku, Thai and Swedish massage, couples massage, deep tissue work, and mother-to-be massages.

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Refresh, Recharge, Rejuvenate

The top spas in Kona Hawaii tend to have limited reservations, so we highly recommend booking your session well ahead of time. Whether you want a full day of luxurious pampering or just want to rejuvenate sore, tired muscles, your Kona spa experience awaits you. Make sure you get the treatment you deserve by contacting our Kona vacation specialists at Kona Coast Vacations today. Book our amazing Kona rentals with lake views!

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