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Plan a Delicious Kona Thanksgiving Dinner this Year

Thanksgiving is a time for friendship, family, and fellowship. For the Kona Task Force on Feeding the Hungry, that makes it the perfect time to add to your existing family and friends by celebrating with your community while working together with our neighbors to combat hunger in Hawai‘i. For the 27th year in a row, they are holding a “Meet and Eat” traditional Kona Thanksgiving Dinner, free of charge and open to the public, at the Kealakehe Intermediate School Cafeteria on Onipa’a Street from 5:15-7pm.

Dinner Is Served

Traditional Thanksgiving is one of our favorite Kona holidays and will serve oven-roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, buttery rolls, delicious pies, and of course, cranberry sauce will be paired with Hawaiian favorites like poi, poke, and more. The dinner is served to bring the community together, as well as recognize the hard-working staff of the Task Force that serve meals to the hungry tirelessly throughout the year. The Task Force started serving weekly meals (80-120) and in 26 years, they have only taken one week off, and that was due to a hurricane.

Kona Thanksgiving Dinner is Open to the Public

With a focus on meeting your community, the dinner is open to all and free of charge. Those who attend and are able to are encouraged to bring a bag of rice to donate to the “rice pyramid” (this staple food item can be in short supply in the winter months at the food bank). Canned goods are also welcome. The goal is to collect 2,500 pounds of rice for The Food Basket.

In years past the event has been held on the evening of Kona Thanksgiving, though details are still being finalized for this year. So if you are Kona this Thanksgiving and looking to meet new people and expand your horizons, be sure to stop by for this unique and heartfelt “Meet and Eat.” Contact us today to learn more about Kona holidays and to book one of our beautiful vacation rentals for your next trip!