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Kona Scuba Dive Spots

Warning: Before embarking on any outdoor activity, make sure to check with lifeguards for current conditions!

Kona is one of the world’s hottest scuba diving destinations. The youngest island in the Hawaiian chain, the Big Island is still forming, and relatively recent – recent in geological time, that is – volcanic events on the Kona coast have created an underwater wonderland like no other. The undersea world of Kona is a favorite habitat for pods of spinner dolphins, a multitude of Hawaiian green sea turtles, manta rays, and hundreds of species of fish. Underwater hot and cold freshwater vents abound on the Kona coast, and spectacular reefs, caves, and pinnacles make for a unique and abundant marine life habitat that begs to be explored.

Kona’s Shore Dive Hot Spots

Most of the stellar shore scuba dive spots in Kona range in depth from 10 to 90 feet, with visibility often up to 100-plus feet. Kona scuba offers several world-class shore dive sites. A favorite of locals and visitors is Old Kona Airport Beach. The rocks are slippery getting in, but this 30- to 70-foot dive is well worth the trouble. Kailua Bay (25-90 ft.) is known for schools of tarpon and great night diving. Mile Marker 4 on Ali‘i Drive (20-30 ft.) is a great no-decompression Kona scuba dive with an abundance of marine life, a lava tube, and chimneys. Pāhoehoe Beach Park (25-85 ft.) is a fantastic dive with excellent visibility. Most scuba dive shops in Kona rent scuba gear.


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Whether you are new to scuba or a seasoned diver, a world-class Kona scuba experience awaits you off the shores of Kona. Contact our Kona vacation experts today at Kona Coast Vacations to book the adventure of a lifetime.

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