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Surfing in Kona

Warning: Before embarking on any outdoor activity, make sure to check with lifeguards for current conditions!

The first place Polynesian voyagers set foot in the Hawaiian Islands were upon the shores several miles south of Kona. This truly makes the Kona Coast the original home of surfing, which was invented by ancient Hawaiians. Learn how to surf in one of Kona’s sheltered bays; cruise along with a gentle break on a longboard and make sure to be aware of your surroundings and the oceans conditions. With loads of great breaks, you needn’t go far to discover why Kona is a great place to surf no matter what your skill level.

Kona Surf Spots

Kahalu‘u Beach near mile marker 5 on Ali‘i Drive has three lagoon reefs with waves for all skill levels. Lymans, also on Ali‘i Drive, has sweet left-breaking waves perfect for longboarding. Lymans is a deep water break in a spacious bay with big channel, so this spot requires a good swell before it starts to go off. Banyans, which is just north of Kahalu‘u Beach, has plenty of fast waves over shallow reefs and is for advanced surfers only.


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Surfboard Rentals

Kahalu‘u Bay Surf and Sea and Kona Boys both have a full line of boards to choose from. HYPR Nalu Hawai‘i makes its own line of excellent surfboards and provides rentals; Miller’s Surf and Pacific Vibrations are also excellent choices.

Kona Surfing Lessons

There are a lot of surf instructors in Kona, so we’ve scoped out the best ones for you. Hawai‘i Lifeguard Surf Instructors has a great team of instructors born and raised on the Big Island; these Native Hawaiian guys can teach you everything about surfing in no time. Also offering quality instruction in Kona is the Ossian Farmer of FBI (From Big Island) Surf School, Mike Anthony of Kona Mike’s Surf Adventures, and HYPR Nalu Hawai‘i.

Play it Safe

As with all Hawaiian waters, be sure to heed all posted signs regarding ocean safety. Ocean currents can be hazardous, so check conditions before you go surfing in Kona.

Make the Break

Whether you want to try surfing in Kona for the first time or ride a watery mountain, Kona surf is what you’re looking for. Get ready to make the break today by contacting our Kona vacation experts at Kona Coast Vacations to book your trip!

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